To resolve wealth inequality by making decentralized finance easier and more accessible.

The world order is largely defined by a financial system that affects everybody’s quality of life. Some people, however, benefit from this system more than others, especially the ones with a lot of resources.

Our current focus is on empowering people by giving them access to the future of finance -
Decentralized Finance. Our technological solutions are built on a crossover of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, and our core product beliefs are ease-of-use and strong customer trust.

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Personal decentralized finance under your control

Cinder, a personal decentralized finance application, provides an access to audited financial instruments, an easy on-ramp to decentralized finance, the unparallel intuitive user experience, and high level of security for your assets.

The bedrock of decentralized quantitative finance

Neverest brings together real-time data from decentralized finance markets, automated discovery of trading opportunities, and prediction of next market moves — in one fully integrated solution that securely and automatically invests within a decentralized finance ecosystem.


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